Aurlus Mabele.

Legendary soukous star Aurlus Mabele is dead.  According to reports, the 67-year-old passed away after being infected by the coronavirus, officially named covid-19.

Confirming the death through a Facebook post, journalist Robert Brazza paid tribute to the musician who used to extensively tour the West.

“Hey, Uncle Aurlus! The young wolf I used to be will not forget your wise advice: “stay yourself little… and enjoy! “.

“My sadness is great tonight but my gratitude is more. You were the pace, you were joy, you were the kindness. Forever. Go in peace Aurlus Mabelle. I know auntie Nzambi has already welcomed you in her great mercy,” he wrote.

Mabele was one of the founders of the legendary supergroup Loketo (hips) band, formed in the mid-1980s alongside Mav Cacharel and Diblo Dibala, which broke up a few years later.

He was one of the first Paris-based soukous stars and set the standard with several LPs in the 1980s.


May he rest in peace.