Police officers in Kitui are looking for an MCA in connection to a rape incident involving a student at a private tertiary institution in Kitui town.

Kitui Central OCPD Muthuri Mwongera on Monday said they have sent an investigating officer to take the student to Kitui Referral Hospital.

“We are waiting for the P3 form to be filled by a medic. Once we get the P3 report we will swing into action,” Mwongera said.

The OCPD said the student had written a statement with the police soon after she was allegedly molested by the MCA last Thursday.

She later went to Kitui Hospital where she was attended to by medical staff.

Family sources indicated that the MCA had found the college student near the Best Lady Beauty Parlour and gave her a ride in his car on Thursday morning.


He later drove the car into a desolate and unfinished building in the Manenyoni area of Kitui town where he is said to have raped the student.

They said the ward representative used his car’s automatic locking system to prevent the student from escaping.

The family of the student said once the politician was done, he offered her Sh1,000 to buy her silence over the incident.

However, the student rejected the money and rushed to Kitui police station to report the matter.

Mwongera said investigations were at an advanced stage and the MCA would soon be apprehended and arraigned in court.

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