Chief Justice David Maraga made the DCI George Kinoti and DPP Noordin Haji look like Kanu youth wingers, Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has said.

Maraga lectured Kinoti and Haji on Friday during the Multi-Sectoral National Anti-Corruption Conference asking them to stop arresting suspects on Fridays.

“We are not going to win the war against corruption by Friday arrests…I do not want to appear like I am in a blame game but let the truth be told,” he said.

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But via Twitter on Saturday, Ngunyi said the war on graft will not be won by blame games from the trio.

“Maraga made the DCI, DPP, AG and EACC look like KANU youth wingers. The war on graft will not be won using bells and whistles,” he said.

Ngunyi added “Friday arrests are a public cover up for prosecution incompetence. Haji and Kinoti are now on trial in the Court of public opinion.”

His post was received by mixed reactions from his followers.

@Jumaramadhanik said “The judiciary and corrupt lawyer will always be supporting Maraga. Citizens like us will always be supporting DCi and ODPP.”

“The problem is the @ODPP_KE, @DCI_Kenya, and the AG are trigger happy to arrest before completing investigations, haul an individual to court the next working day then ask the court to keep the suspects in courts while they complete investigations,” @DeograciousEkw2 said.

@AwJeffers said, “Maraga spoke like an angry fellow who knows the problem but was very quiet for far too long.”


He added”He was always avoiding taking on with the executive and Kenyans started bashing him for this. The outburst will expose Haji and Kinoti and hope Uhuru will take note.”

@neotribe_0 said “No they are not. Judiciary is and so is your presidential candidate 2022. Just because we don’t do political analysis on TVs doesn’t mean we can’t observe whats happening.”

“Kenya lost the war on corruption long ago. Judiciary is just an inactive placebo that will never heal this nation from the vice.they just applies a capture & release method,” @Muhunyo_Jnr said.

“Alternatively, corruption in Kenya favours one side of the coin. Don’t cast aspersions on the CJ when the problem lies squarely with the DPP,” @RoyKoskey said.

@AdiemaAdiema said “I see it differently Sir … It is the @JUDICIARYKENYA, @dkmaraga and Lawyers who are at the court of Public Opinion. Kenyans…a good percentage actually think its the Courts abetting #CorruptionKE.”

“People fell for the PR stunts by the agencies, only for cases to fall flat for lack of evidence. You can’t expect a master chef to prepare a five-course meal if you only provide ingredients for three courses.” @jjogola said.

Sometimes, he said, the prosecution appears in court ill-prepared, forcing the presiding judges and magistrates to adjourn the cases.

“The war against corruption is going to be won by concrete evidence that will be brought to us. If you are not going to bring concrete evidence, then we are going to acquit,” the CJ said.

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