– Wolanski sprinted to the pitch after managing to evade security during Champions League final

– Her antics saw her popularity grow online after racking up huge followership on Instagram

– She now claims UEFA gifted her a special plaque despite being thrown out of the stadium

Champions League final streaking sensation, Kinsey Wolanski, has disclosed UEFA secretly handed her a special plaque despite being kicked out of the Wanda Metropolitano.

Wolanski stole the show on Saturday, June 1, during the European tournament final pitting Liverpool and Tottenham after sprinting across the pitch.

She was sporting nothing but a skimpy one-piece swimwear promoting her boyfriend’s Vitaly Zdoroverskiy’s adult pranks website.

Marketing analysts argue her stunt had the advertising value of nearly $4 million.

She was however later whisked away by stewards before finally being ejected out of the ground.

But despite her antics rubbing UEFA chiefs the wrong way, it has emerged that she still managed to bag a souvenir from the night.

The 22-year-old model tweeted a photo of a VIP ticket for the Champions League final boxed in a glass frame, revealing an official had gifted it to her.


“The sweetest guy who works for UEFA gave me this plaque in the airport,” she wrote on Twitter.

Her unprecedented behaviour saw her social media presence grow, with her Instagram account attracting over 2.5 million new followership.

Source: Tuko