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Police are currently reviewing CCTV footage as part of investigations into the explosion on Latema Road, Nairobi, on Saturday night that left two people injured.

Via Twitter on Sunday, the National Police Service noted that the victims suffered “very slight injuries” and were treated at a dispensary and discharged.

“We wish to inform the public that investigations that will help in identifying those who may have been involved in the incident, including reviewing CCTV footage, are ongoing,” the service said.

The NPS asked the public to support security agencies by providing information and appealed against the profiling of parts of the population and engagement in acts that could breach peace.

“We urge all Kenyans to exercise higher levels of awareness of their surroundings and to go about their business without fear,” the statement said.

The NPS added that it will continue sensitising its commanders on keeping the public informed on matters of their concern.

The blast, which was caused by an improvised explosive device, occurred shortly after 7pm outside Smothers Fast Food Restaurant on Tom Mboya Street.

Witnesses reported seeing a man pushing a trolley outside the restaurant. Seconds later, a huge blast was heard sending members of the public scampering to safety.


Officers from the anti-terrorism and the General Service units rushed to the scene and sealed it off.

The incident came days after the attack by terror group Al-Shabaab on the dusitD2 complex on 14 Riverside Drive.

Twenty one people were killed, at least 78 injured and more than 700 rescued.

In an earlier statement, police noted that following these two incidents, “it is critical that all citizens step up their levels of alertness regarding their surroundings and provide information” on anything unusual.

They asked hotel and restaurant operators to obtain their guests full details and tighten their security.

“We also advise PSV operators to monitor the behaviour of their passengers and be wary of persons who board with  luggage and thereafter attempt to alight without it,” the NPS said.

Shopping malls, ushers at all houses of worship, learning institutions and such establishments were asked to inspect all their visitors and inform police of anything suspicious.