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As has recently become tradition, the Britam Kenya Guineas Race Meeting on February 3, will hold another International Jockeys’ competition.

Four familiar countries are participating – Mauritius, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya – each represented by one rider:

South Africa: Eric Saziso Ngwame

Zimbabwe: Brendon McNaughton

Three races are excluded from the competition – The Kenya Guineas, Gold Cup, and, two-year-old Maiden.

For the other five events, trainers are invited to initially place their declared horses into a pool. Names in one hat and, four riders’ names in another hat. The draw then determines who rides what.


Thereafter, trainers can follow normal procedure in nominating riders for their particular horse. This process will be undertaken midweek.

If any Trainer would like to engage an invited jockey for an excluded race, they should please contact Tom Fraser with their request, once the entries emerge.

Britam are sure to look after their public, as well as adding extra incentive prize money to those involved in the frame.