Individuals found wearing replica police or military attire will be arrested and prosecuted, IG Joseph Boinnet has said.

The police service said in a tweet on Tuesday incidents of civilians wearing clothes that resemble those of the disciplined servicemen was creating confusion amongst the public.

Boinnet said people are finding it hard to distinguish genuine police officers from civilians donning replica military or police fatigue.

“This practice must stop as it is against the law to wear clothing that has any resemblance to Military or Police uniforms,” Boinnet said.

Replicas of the jungle green military combat attire worn mainly by army officers are quite popular amongst the youth who consider it fashionable.

But Boinnet warned that going forwards, donning the attire will have consequences.

“Therefore [I have] issued instructions to all Police Officers to arrest and charge in court anyone found wearing such attire,” he added.

The top cop noted that criminals are also known to wear attires resembling that of security officers and going around masquerading as police officers.


The crooks often times terrorise unsuspecting innocent civilians and even stage mock arrests and rob their victims in the process.

Some of the robberies have ended tragically with the death of the victims.

Replica military attire can be easily found at secondhand clothes’ stalls across the country.

The police service recently changed its uniform from the navy blue trousers and light blue shirt to one that is bright blue in colour.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said this will ensure “better visibility of the officers”.

Uguru unveiled the uniforms on September 13 last year but they were officially adopted on December 12.

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