Bishop Robert Wafula was the target of Pastor James Nganga’s viral rant that saw him call other bishops and congregants “arrogant” people full of “rubbish”.

The rant was brought on by a show of “disrespect” towards Pastor Nganga’s wife.

Bishop Wafula is said to have quit Neno Evangelism Ministries which he co-founded with Pastor Nganga after that obvious show of insolence towards him.

Before his resignation, the bishop was heading the Coast region’s branch of Neno Evangelism Church.

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Pastor James Ng'ang'a
Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism center posing next to his car

Now, there is a viral video that has been shared online where an emotional Bishop Wafula breaks into tears.

This sounds like a farewell speech he was giving in the church.


May God remember you, Daddy, wherever you are, for what God has done for me. My dad, Apostle Nganga we have gone places with you. I have learnt this gift of oratory from you. I salute you, sir, I respect you. You will remain a treasure in my heart, I will never forget you whenever I go.”

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As the congregation continue to pay attention to their bishop, Wafula becomes emotional in his appreciation to Apostle Nganga and swears never to forget him for opening a new chapter in his life.

“You have taught me how to fight evil spirits. I was not born this way. When I had nowhere to live, you opened your doors and welcomed me,” a tearful Wafula said. 

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