It is a wild wild west out there. The dating game is very different and to make it worse, you don’t even know what kind of bae you will land on.

Here is a foolproof way of weeding out someone who is a man-child and by so doing, get the chance of meeting a grown man who is ready to be in a mature relationship.

He is always in and out of jobs

This nicca cannot hold a job for a long period. Meaning he doesn’t have the maturity to commit to a venture that will financially improve his life. Now, then, how is this man-child going to commit to a relationship with you?

Johnny come lately

This man-child always comes late for a date. That is a sign of disrespect both to you and your time. This negro will never take into account that he is in a relationship with someone else. All he will think about is his time, never yours. Do you want to be in a relationship with someone this immature and selfish?


Baby whinner extraordinaire

This man-child is the worst. My sister, if he whines when things don’t go his way. Run in the opposite direction and get a country that will give you asylum. This is a very disrespectful and unattractive trait. It only proves that he’s too much of a baby to deal with the problems that life hands to him.

He feels entitled to everything
A man-child with entitlement issues is super unattractive. He will think, since you are his woman, you should clean, wash and serve him like a ‘King’. But a real queen only serves a real king with a throne and authority to influence positively. A king is a leader, not a man-child. Until he puts a ring on it, usijaribu kukua mboch wake. Volume iko sawa?

He avoids serious conversation
A man-child will never have the gravitas to hold a serious conversation that is because he is not mature enough to listen and respect an opinion different from his. Thus he will always avoid any conversation that leads to him defining what a relationship is. If you meet this type, ghost him. You will do yourself a favour of having to take out the rubbish later.

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