Digital printing has brought great innovations to the packaging industry. Obviously, many companies are capitalizing on the benefits of digital printing in order to deliver quality packaging services.  Due to the flexibility, the efficient turnaround period and the ease of customization it offers, digital printing is largely considered the suitable printing option for flexible packaging.

These days, more and more companies are switching from flexographic printing to digital printing not only because it is a productive printing option but also because it is perfect for flexible packaging. Digital printing presses are increasingly gaining significant grounds and this gives the impression that digital printing flexible packaging is one of the trends that have come to stay.

If you’re thinking about utilizing flexible packaging for your products, this article will likely convince you about the benefits of using digital printing for the flexible packaging.

Digital Printing Offers Exceptional Quality

Digital printing on flexible packaging allows for improvement in printing quality. A good instance of this is how the HP Indigo 20000 integrates excellent registration and high resolution with gravure printing. With the 7-ink station, there is a chance of incorporating 97% of PANTONE colours in the printing process without the need to replace spot colours.

Easy Customization


Digital printing allows for easy customization on flexible packaging and this seems to be one of the great benefits digital printing offers. Unlike flexographic and offset printing, digital printing quickens printing process on flexible materials and makes way for numerous printed items to be designed with plenty of features including imagery, barcodes and copy. Meanwhile, digital printing creates an avenue for these excellent customization options courtesy of HP’s SmartStream Mosaic variable design technology. If you wish to give your coffee packaging design an awesome customization, digital printing could be all you need for it.  

Faster Turnaround Periods

Compared to traditional/flexographic printing, digital printing allows for a faster printing process. Typically, traditional printing uses gravure cylinders or printing plates which often take a number of days to be manufactured. As they can’t bear waiting for so long before rolling out new packaging designs, businesses and companies are increasingly on the lookout for reasonable alternatives to traditional printing presses. Beyond doubts, digital printing has favoured the idea of flexible packaging and eliminated the need for gravure cylinders. With the faster turnaround time digital printing offers, companies adopting flexible packaging can rest assured that their files will get printed quickly after being developed.

Reduction in Costs

Digital printing is gradually reducing the need for printing plates thereby keeping printing costs within reasonable limits. Haney’s new HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press and several other digital printing presses easily eliminate the overhead expenses they would normally incur while making printing plates in flexographic printing.

Excellent Prototyping

Prototyping comes in a perfect fashion courtesy of digital printing on flexible packaging. Needless to say, digital printing on flexible materials creates an avenue for short-run capabilities. Meanwhile, testing and learning are facilitated by the possibility of making quick changes and the capability to produce short runs.