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Abdu Kiba’s viral sex tape now on Pornhub – Nairobi News




Bongo singer Abdu Kiba, Alikiba’s younger brother’, viral sex tape has been uploaded on Pornhub.

The 32-second video started doing rounds last weekend after it was uploaded on Abdu Kiba’s official Snapchat account before it was later deleted but not before netizens had downloaded.

In the short clip video, which has since gathered over three thousand views on the pornhub, a young man with his face hidden, purported to be Abdu Kiba, is seen lying completely naked on a bed playing with his mickey.

Besides him is a woman also lying on her birthday suit and somewhat seems to be in deep sleep, giving an impression that the video might have been recorded after a romp session.

With the sex tape leak gaining momentum, being the latest celebrity scandal in Tanzania, Abdu Kiba has been forced to break his silence having avoided calls for the last few days since it went viral.

Abdu Kiba now claims that his phone was stolen and the thief uploaded the sex tape with an intention of soiling his name.


“Nilipoteza simu na kwa kuwa nina familia, huwa siweki password kwenye simu yangu. Huyo aliyeiba ndiye amepata urahisi wa kuposti video ili aniharibie,” Abdu Kiba stated.

The video has also raised questions as to whether Abdu Kiba has been cheating on his wife Rwahida whom he married about two years ago on the same day his elder brother AliKiba wedded his Kenya wife Amina Khaleef.

It now remains to be seen what action will be taken by Tanzania Music regulatory body Basata, which has in the past cracked the whip on similar sex scandals involving the country’s celebrities.

Actress Wema Sepetu and Rosa Ree have on different occasions been banned from acting and doing music respectively as well as use social media for a period of six months.



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Kenya Truck Drivers Lose Jobs Due to COVID-19 Restrictions




These days 40-year-old truck driver Bob Njagi has a lot of free time. He spends much of it meeting colleagues to talk about COVID-19.

Njagi’s contract was terminated after it took too long to deliver goods because of coronavirus restrictions.

“All the goods we were moving to Kampala had to wait for over two weeks before they could cross to the other side. So, this means there is no business, and we are also out of work,” he told VOA.

The father of three is finding life difficult since losing his job two months ago.

“We depend on work so that we can feed our families. If you don’t work, you don’t have money to feed your family,” he said. “So it’s that direct to us because if we cannot move our goods, if we cannot work, allowed to work how do we feed our families?

Long-distance truckers like Njagi are suspected of carrying coronavirus, which has stalled activities at borders in East Africa.

Duncan Mutunga, an employed truck driver, says coronavirus has made life difficult.

“At the border, every country has its restrictions. In Kenya, we have our challenges. Uganda has its challenge,” he told VOA. “For example, when we arrive in Uganda, they confiscate our possessions, saying they are bringing corona and don’t return them. It’s a problem everywhere. “

The restrictions to limit the spread of the coronavirus in East African nations has forced some drivers to work overtime, says Mercy Ireri of Kenya Transport Association.