$58 (N21,000) is all you need to spend a night in Africa’s most popular destinations.

This is a recent estimate made by Jumia Travel in the 2018/2019 Hospitality Report Africa.

While this is the standard fare across the continent, $118 ($42,000) is the average booking night value in most popular cities.


Average price in Africa


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Payment method

The report also discovered that paying at the hotel is the most preferred payment method in Africa.

Credit and debit cards are the second preferred payment method, followed by mobile money and travel agencies.

payment methodsplay

payment methods



Travellers who used mobile payments made a transaction volume of 1.2 bn in the value of $19.9 bn last year.

Among the 338.4m registered mobile accounts in Sub-Saharan Africa, 66% come from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.


Adults from these countries used mobile money on an active basis.