Kenyans love convenience especially when moving around the capital and touring its environs.

In their quest, the love and purchase of cars in the country has been on the increase over the years.

However, while Kenyans love cars, there key attributes they look for before settling for one.

Durability and reliability in terms of Fuel and maintenance of the car.

Fuel economy or consumption is an important factor to consider when buying a new car, even when gas prices are down.

Many conventional cars today offer impressive fuel economy, especially in contrast to what you may be trading in. Common cars in the capital include. 


Honda.5 types of cars to buy if you move around frequently in Nairobi (Courtesy)



The car in front is always a Toyota.

Toyota has remarkable fuel efficiency and continues to attract those who would rather have comfort but work within a budget.

This type of cars have proved to be reliable to owners and even drivers and that’s why they are among the best selling cars in the country.

For instance, Probox is said to be really ugly, but on the market it’s the bestselling car, outselling its other brands like a Toyota corolla.

Also the abundance of affordable parts and availability of knowledgeable service personnel is on the market gives it an upper hand.


Nissan has always had a huge presence in East Africa. It was among the best sellers back in the 1990s with the Sunny, and currently-March, Note, Xtrail, Wingroad,Advan,Patrol.

All their engines are superb. The only problem with Nissan is its reputation of making fragile cars that age fast like the Wingroad and Sunny.

But recently the Note seems to have taken care of its durability after becoming one of the bestsellers in Kenya at the moment due to its quality build.

The availability of Nissan Hardbody pickups also do well on the market.


Honda.5 types of cars to buy if you move around frequently in Nairobi (Courtesy)


Well, Subarus in Kenya are often associated with young speed junkies. Despite all the bad rap, Subarus are actually great cars to cruise around in.

The Outback is an all-wheel car which gives it great ground-clearance capabilities which means that the annual trip to shagz will not be a headache because, with this car, you will hardly feel the impact of the unpaved roads. And that trip to Maasai Mara will also not be stressful.



This car has been around for quite some time and it never goes out of fashion. It has been a best-selling car in many of the markets it is in and for a good reason.

The car has enough space for you and all you kids plus your pets and all the cargo you need for an all-family road trip. The cabin is all hushed so you can keep your focus on the road and ears on the ground, to hear any unusual noises which may mean that something is not right.

Honda is reputed to be a world-class engine builder.


Honda.5 types of cars to buy if you move around frequently in Nairobi (Courtesy )



Style, smooth to drive, and a remarkable fuel efficiency are just some of the adjectives that can be used to describe the Mazda 3.

The car has a powerful engine and cruise control which is smooth to drive and remarkably quiet. It is also affordable to maintain so you can put down all those worries about the cost of maintenance.

It has also been ranked as a highly reliable car so you can drive around without worrying about being let down.

The Volkswagen Golf

Earlier on in 2017, Volkswagen, through its South African arm started assembling the Golf locally. This means that you can get your very own brand-new Golf right here in Kenya at an affordable price.

But apart from that, this car, with its space and capacity is an ideal  car to help you move around the city with ease.