NTV Swahili anchor, Jane Ngoiri’s style is quite versatile.

She can effortlessly switch from a chic feminine style to a classy tomboy look and we cannot help but admire. To pull off an androgynous look, you need to borrow some styling tips and accessories from the men. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, you could also wear some male fashion pieces, think of popular talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres style. There’s nothing feminine about her look. But she does the androgynous look so well, making us want to ditch all our heels for sneakers. While Jane Ngoiri’s go to look is chic dresses and skirts, once in a while, she unleashes her tomboy side in pants paired with shirts, and accessorizes the look with vest coats, cute cardigans and even suspenders. If you have been wondering how you can pull off the look without looking like a walking disaster, let Jane school you.

1. If you have a three piece suit, ditch the blazer and style your waist coat with matching pants and a long sleeved blouse.

We love how Jane added a tiny bow tie to add flair to the look.


Jane Ngoiri wearing a waist coat and matching pants (Instagram janengoiri14)

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2. To balance off the androgynous look, you could go for one piece that’s a little feminine.

For instance, go for a feminine blouse with a vibrant color and pair it with plain colored pants and add suspenders.


Jane Ngoiri wearing suspenders (Instagram janengoiri14)


3. Cardigans are a style staple for anyone that wants to achieve the classy tomboy look.

Jane styled her white dress shirt with black office pants and completed the look by layering the shirt with a button down cardigan and bow tie. An ill fitting cardigan will not be appropriate if you’re still trying to maintain a professional look.


NTV anchor Jane Ngoiri shows us how to rock androgynous style (Instagram janengoiri14)



4. It’s important to remember that it’s either suspenders or a belt, but never the two at once.

While the quintessential tomboy look requires that you ditch your heels, the classy tomboy look will definitely require heels. You cannot go to the office in official pants, suspenders and a bow tie and sneakers. That look would not be professional.


Jane Ngoiri’s tomboy look (Instagram janengoiri14)


5. Feel free to match your suspenders with your bow ties.

We love how Jane prefers Ankara bow ties.


Jane Ngoiri rocking suspenders and a bow tie (Instagram janengoiri14)

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